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Share your models, organize games with friends, setup your own tournaments, create leagues and see a leaderboard for your store or club. Join online miniature painting contests. Create, share and vote on your own custom rules. Save time and make miles of travel worthwhile by pre-planning your events. Signup is free. Organize your collection, create lists, join events & record your gaming history at no cost. Included are a whole suite of tools to make competitive gaming easier. Tools custom tailored for 40k/Warhammer but works with virtually any tabletop game. Fortify your hobby!

Find Fellow Tabletop Gamers

Find people nearby who play the same games. Schedule events at your store or home. Pre-arrange details, view your battle history.

Simplify Organizing Tournaments

Make it easier to organize tournaments, plan timeframes, take payments, bracket winners, compile results.

Post Your Minis & Join Painting Competitions

Win the monthly mini-spotlight, share your best creations, explore miniatures by others and find new ideas.

Organize Collection & Army Lists

Know what you have on the shelves in prep for games without having to rummage through bins. Show off your best models to the community.


Pin & tag images and items that inspire you onto your gaming pinboard and save for later use.


Create & manage leagues. Members compete on their own schedule. Track results.

Custom Rules

Create and share custom rules. Vote on customizations in event planning.

Hard competitive data

Tactical data for your army lists. Automatically see number of models and weapon upgrades.


Game Fortress is a suite of online tools built for the hobby community. Our mission is to allow people to more easily share and collaborate on their hobby, and to take some of the menial labor out of planning events. Designed for a large number of games, including Warhammer and Age of Sigmar (Games Workshop). We hope to continue improving our support for different offerings. All basic features are free, find out more below!
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Friends play tabletop and board games through the Game Fortress.

Model of the Month

In this section we will highlight some of the greatest work completed by our members. Click a photo to see more information on the building and painting of the collection item, as well as other work by the member. To enter into the next Model of the Month competition, click here

Latest News

Jul 21, 2019

Record 1 on 1 matches

This short video shows you how to record your 1 on 1 matches and gain access to your gaming history, stats and more.

Apr 28, 2019

New How-To Videos: Collection, Lists, Leagues

For help with organizing your collection, click here.
For a primer on army lists, click read more

Apr 28, 2019

Battle Reports & New Domain

We're excited to announce a number of new updates for the Game Fortress web app. Read below for more details:
For starters, we've got a new domain! We feel that better expresses what our site is more

Mar 09, 2019

Demo for Tourney Organizers

In this video, we demo how a tournament organizer can create a multi-day event with swiss pairing and single elimination more